Purim Song Sheets

1. Chag Purim (Folktune)

Chag Purim (2x) 
Chag gadol hoo lay'dhoodim
Hava narisha rahsh, rahsh, rahsh (3x) 
Ba ra-ah-shanim.

(The holiday of Purim is a great one for the Jews 
Masks, graeggers, songs and dances; 
Come let's make noise 
With our graeggers.)

2. Utzu Etza (Folktune)

Ootzoo etza v'toofar (3x)
Dabroo davar v'lo yakoom
Key imanu El.

(Form your plot 
It shall fail 
Lay your plan 
It shall not prevail 
For G-d is with us.)

3. Ani Purim (Folktune)

Ani Purim (2x) 
Samayach oom'vadayach
Halo rock pa-am bashanah
Avo l'hitarayach. 
La, la, la.....

My name is Purim 
And I come 
Great fun and frolic bringing 
Just once a year 
I visit you 
To cheer you with my singing. La la la...

Hurrah Purim 
Hurrah Purim 
We love your merry drumming 
And if we had our way Purim 
Each month you would be coming. La la la...

4. A Wicked Wicked Man (Folktune)

Oh once there was a wicked, wicked man 
And Haman was his name 
He lied and lied about the Jews 
Though they were not to blame. 
Oh today we'll merry, merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

And Esther was a lovely queen 
Of King Ahashvarosh
When Haman said he'd hurt us all 
Oh my how he did scare us. 
Oh today we'll merry merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

Esther had a cousin 
And his name was Mordechai
He asked her, "Can you help us?" 
And she said, "Of course, I'll try." 
Oh today we'll merry, merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

When Esther speaking to the king 
Of Haman's plot made mention 
"Ah hah, said he," oh no he won't 
I'll spoil his bad intention." 
Oh today we'll merry, merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

In spite of Haman's awful plan 
And the scare he gave us 
Esther was so brave and strong 
She knew just how to save us. 
Oh today we'll merry, merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

So Haman got his just desserts 
And we had won the day 
And Esther we will ne'er forget 
And on this day we say: 
Oh today we'll merry, merry be (3x) 
And nosh some hamantashen.

5. Vashti's Song (Debbie Friedman)

I never like to go to parties 
When I'm the only woman there 
When I said no to Achashverosh
I really didn't know he'd care. 
He threw me out, I could not be first lady anymore 
I don't know what became of me 
I'm not the queen no more.

I was divorced 
That's not the worst 
I was replaced 
With Esther's face 
I told the king 
This one bad thing 
I don't want to eat my meals 
WIth a hundred men who deal 
In the matters of the royal family.

He wanted to show them 
My lovely face 
I didn't feel like dressing up in satin frills and lace 
Perhaps it was a pretty silly thing for me to do 
No woman wants to be a single act--how about you?

I was divorced 
That's not the worst 
I was replaced 
With Esther's face 
I told the king 
This one bad thing 
It don't want the king's suggestions 
To give me bad indigestion 
In the matters of the royal family.

All these matters make me toil 
In the matters of the royal 
In the matters of the royal family.

6. My Hat it Had Three Corners

My Hat it had three corners 
Three corners had my hat 
And had it not three corners 
It would not be my hat.

La covah sheli
Shalosh pinot
Shalosh pinot
La covah sheli. 
Lool hayu lo shalosh pinot
Lo hayah zeh ha covah sheli.

7. Oh Esther Won't You Marry Me?

Oh Esther won't you marry me? (4x) (Or---Esther, you will marry me!)

8. You Can Change the World (Jeffrey Klepper and Donald Rossoff)

In a place you may have heard about 
In Shushan, as you know 
An evil man named Haman said, 
"The Jews have got to go."

Now Esther was the Jewish queen 
And she knew not where to turn 'Til Mordechai her cousin said, 
"There is something you must learn."


"Oh Esther, you can change the world 
You can make the world complete 
Take the pride 
You feel inside 
And never accept defeat."

"There's an evil plot against us now 
A list of cruel demands 
And Esther, only you can help 
Our fate is in your hands."

She said," Cousin do you really think 
That a difference I can make? 
A Jewish girl before the king 
It could be a big mistake."

"No, Esther...

So Esther went before the king 
And tho' she was afraid 
She stood up, proud, 
And spoke out loud 
And her people all were saved.

So now we read the Megillah 
At Purim time each year 
And learn how we can garner strength 
To overcome our fear. Remember:


9. Purim Game (Debbie Friedman)

Purim is a holiday for people old and young 
We're going to play a game together 
Now let's have some fun.

Guess what I am (2x) 
Tell me if you can 
I'll give you hints so you can guess 
Which Purim thing I am. 
I have three corners and my middle's filled with fruit or jam 
I am a Purim cookie 
Yes...a hamantash I am.


When Haman's name is read aloud 
Then all the girls and boys 
Just twirl me round and round and round 
...A graegger I make noise.


I tell the Purim story 
Every year it is the same 
About Queen Esther and her king 
Megillah is my name!

You guessed what I am 
Guessed what I am 
You sang nice and loud 
You answered all the riddles 
You were right; now aren't you proud. (Repeat)

10. Mishloach Manot (Sally Heckelman)

Every year when we celebrate Purim 
The holiday that's so much fun 
We dress in costumes 
We read the Megillah 
But the part I like best is Mishloach Manot.

Chorus: Mishloach manot (2x) 
They taste tov m'od
Mishloah manot. (repeat)

All wrapped up in pretty baskets 
Our friends and neighbors deliver to us 
There's hamantashen, fruit and candies 
All this stuff we call Mishloach manot.


So next time when you celebrate Purim 
With your costumes and graeggers to shul you go 
Don't forget to make those special baskets 
To your neighbors and friends give mishloach manot.