Rabbi Fred's 180s

We’re calling this a ‘180’ though it’s much longer than that -- 11 minutes -- but it’s not just any talking head video. It’s mostly President Barack Obama, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, and a rowdy Jew crew at the White House Hannukah party, which Rabbi Fred was blessed to attend and to film. Keep your eye open for cameos from other Adat Shalomers in the vicinity. Celebrate the freedom and security and success of our people in this land, to be honored like this in the literal corridors of power. Shep naches with the first Korean-American rabbi sharing a moment with the first African-American president. Appreciate the contributions of folks like Dr. Adam Levine at the front lines of the Ebola epidemic. Take in the beauty of the glow of hanukiyot that came straight from Yemin Orde youth village, along the coast of Israel below Haifa. And sing along with 500 others for the brachot and Maoz Tzur, echoing off the marble walls of the White House. Chag sameach….

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